The verses of the Tanach (Bible) express lofty ideas and serve as a bridge connecting a person with his G-d. The Biblical story, the prophecies – all these serve as inspiration for the artists working in the Tifara gallery. In their work verses are combined with various techniques: Artistic adornment for texts from the Bible, combinations of verses as part of the expression of an abstract idea, etc. The holy city of Jerusalem/Zion takes an important place in several creations, based on the words of the Prophet Yeshaya, "And G-d's redeemed ones shall return and come to Zion in happiness….".
Creations on parchment, leather and high quality paper (without acid) can be ordered.


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An oath of remembrance to Jerusalem

Tehilim, chapter 137, Calligraphy

Woman of valor – a song of praise to the Jewish spouse

Proverbs, Chapter 31, Calligraphy combining color


Psalms, 122, Calligraphy print
€97.00 €72.00

Longing for the temple - David's star

Tehilim chapter 122, Calligraphy, quality copy
€97.00 €72.00


€122.00 €97.00

Blessing of the priests, decorated within David’s star

Numbers, chapter 6, Calligraphy, quality copy

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