Many families choose to give their participants a souvenir of the moving event. We, in Tifara, specialize in preparing original souvenirs for the celebrants.

You can browse the online store and choose the souvenir that suits you best. We manufacture, among other things, high-quality leather bindings with an artistic burn of verses, portraits and dedications. These bindings will preserve the souvenir that you will share over many years and will rekindle the guests each time. You will find a large variety of special pieces made of parchment or quality paper. The artworks are decorated with the art of calligraphy and Stam (scribe writing) with special landscapes, images and Jewish elements, and we design portraits on different materials for custom souvenirs.


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Woman of valor – a song of praise to the Jewish spouse

Proverbs, Chapter 31, Calligraphy combining color
$110.00 $74.00

Blessing of the home

Special blessing for protection and peace
$110.00 $54.00

Shema Yisrael

"Hear, O Israel: The Lord is our God; the Lord is one."
$139.00 $68.00

Leather Psalms

handmade burn on leather

Round decorated ketubah

Beautifuly handmade and designed Ketubah

The middle ages ketubah

Ketubah designed on a middle ages style

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