The tefillin that we produce are made of fine animal leather and undergo a process that preserves them for many years. The Parshiot are written by the scribes on a high-quality parchment, which ensures the Kashrut of the tefillin and the correctness of the Parsha for a long time.

Tefillin can be ordered according to the Minhag (customs) of the various communities.

A Bar Mitzvah gift - a meeting with a scribe in the Jewish Quarter for a Jewish experience with the tefillin. 

 For families purchasing tefillin for the Bar Mitzvah boy, we suggest taking part in the process of making tefillin and writing them in preparation for the tefillin laying ceremony.
This program is also offered to adults purchasing tefillin, and allows them to experience the process closely.


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Mehudar tefilin - tzion

Mehudar Tefilin of durable cowhide (behema gassa)
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Mehudar tefilin - Yerushalaim

Mehudar Tefilin Gassot Prudot (“thick separated phylacteries”) written by highly skilled sofer.

Tefilin - Moriah

Tefilin Gassot (thick) beautifuly written "lechatchila" (optimally), including 2 glosses.
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Mehudar tefilin - ariel

Most Mehudar Tefilin

Tefilin set Mehudar for bar mitsva - Sefaradi

Tefilin set including Tefilin Gassot in high quality and Mehudar, Talit and Tallit bag.
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