Jewish Art

We present you here with a collection of a large variety of artworks. They express a connection between past and future and between ancient tradition and innovation.

Especially prominent are works made of Jewish calligraphy, using special techniques and special colors. They include a combination of verses from the Bible and Hebrew letters in modern style.

There are also original and most impressive photographs depicting letters in scribe on parchment with backgrounds of different kinds of light perceptions that add an atmosphere to the picture.

The beautiful art pieces leave our website's visitors amazed everytime and strengthens their connection to the treasures of the Jewish people that are passed from father to son for thousands of years.

You're welcome to look, admire and purchase these products from our website. 




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The Hurva Synagogue

Painting of the Hurva in the Old City, high quality print
$167.00 $37.00

Peace and placidity

Original Calligraphy artwork on leather drum
$281.00 $116.00

An oath of remembrance to Jerusalem

Tehilim, chapter 137, Calligraphy

Verses of the enthronement of G-od on Drum skin

Tehilim, Drum skin hand-made


Calligraphy art, Drum skin hand-made, acrylic paint

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